Additional Ministries

  Additional Ministries  

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild assists the pastor in preparing the altar, chancel, and church for the celebration of Holy Communion and the various seasons of the church year.  Responsibilities include the preparation for Holy Communion, weekly altar and chancel decorations, ordering communion supplies, hanging banners and altar linens for each church season, and decorating the Christmas trees.  A sign up sheet to donate flowers for the altar is located in the narthex.  For more information, call the Church Office at (715) 845-3253.



Church Library 

Our Savior’s Church has a selection of Christian oriented books and videos on topics such as the Bible, Christian living, parenting, death, marriage, divorce, etc.  Books and videos for children are available as well.  The library is located in the Narthex. 



To check out a book or video;  remove the card in the back cover of the item, enter your name and date then insert the card into the drawer.  When returning an item, take the applicable card out of the drawer and insert it back into the book or video and replace it back on the shelf.  Please limit the checkout time to 2 weeks.


To donate a book or video;  please complete the Library Book Donation form, found in Documents page of this website and give the book and form to the Church Office.  Donated items are subject to review.  If material is found to be inconsistent with the theological teachings of this church, notations will be made in the book or video so as to avoid misunderstandings.  Likewise, the donor can notate these differences (if any) prior to submitting the item to the Church Office, making the review process faster and easier.  For more information, please contact the Church Office at or (715) 845-3253.    

For more Christian resources, check out the Northwestern Publishing House website.


Tape Ministry

All the worship services at Our Savior's are recorded and tapes are available upon request.  The sermon tapes are delivered weekly to our members in nursing homes and are available for members to take to those who cannot attend services.  Members unable to attend worship look forward to being able to listen to God's word and to having someone who cares visit them on a regular basis.  We thank God for the rewarding opportunity to serve him.   For more information, contact the Church Office at (715) 845-3253.




Ushers assist the Pastor and congregation to ensure an orderly worship service.  Usher teams consist of male members of the congregation who distrbute church bulletins, assist in seating worshippers, take and secure the offerring, record attendance, dismiss the congregation, assist in communion and secure the building after service.  For more information, call the Church Office at (715) 845-3253.


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