Mr. Lemke's Classroom

  Mr. Lemke's Classroom  
The multi-grade classroom is an opportunity for growth.
Although it is a model that is unfamiliar to most people and is not commonly utilized in larger schools, the multigrade classroom provides opportunities for social growth and educational interaction that do not exist in single-grade classrooms, as older students serve as mentors to the younger.

Although there are frequent variations, our typical 5th-8th grade schedule is as follows:
  • 7:45am - morning welcome & business
  • 7:50am - opening devotion
  • 8:00am - Word of God/Catechism instruction
  • 8:45am - spelling
  • 9:00am - math instruction
  • 10:00am - morning break
  • 10:05am - grammar/writing instruction
  • 10:50am - reading instruction
  • 11:40am - lunch
  • Noon - recess
  • 12:40pm - afternoon devotion
  • 12:45pm - silent reading
  • 1:00pm - social studies/science instruction
  • 2:00pm - p.e./art/computer
  • 2:40pm - closing
  • 2:45pm - dismissal

We provide a variety of opportunities to develop students' skills through both new and annual activities across the curriculum each year. 
Students also have the opportunity for individual instrumental lessons offered during the school day,  help lead our Christmas Eve Worship service, and have many opportunities for service throughout the school year.
Get to know Mr. Lemke

A little about me….
I am blessed to have parents and siblings who are teachers and have taught various levels from pre-k - seniors in high school. I was born in St. Cloud MN and lived in Sauk Rapids, MN until I was 3 and we moved to Elkhorn, WI. I went to First Lutheran for grade school and started my high school at Shoreland for my first two years. We then moved to Jefferson, WI, and I finished high school and graduated from Lakeside. I then started attending Martin Luther College (MLC) in New Ulm, MN. While at MLC I was blessed to play four years of soccer, and go on multiple mission trips in the United States. I learned from many teachers in classrooms during my field experiences, clinical, student teaching, and more. I was blessed to graduate from MLC in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education.

A few of my Favorite things...

  • Sports- Almost everything I do includes some kind of sport.
  • Minnesota Sports- Don't try to change me it won't work.
  • Fishing
  • Family vacations
  • Traveling- I have been to 48-50 states.
  • National Parks
  • MTN Dew