Christ Light

  Christ Light  


A note about “ChristLight” (from the NPH website)


Christ-Light® is based on a number of premises that guide and control the entire curriculum. These premises are revealed to us by God in his Word. We accept them as essential to Christian nurture only because God the Holy Spirit has led us to this conviction by working faith in our hearts.

These premises are as follows:

  • God’s Word is truth. God’s Word is verbally inspired, inerrant, and infallible.


  • God’s Word is christocentric. The chief purpose of the Bible is to reveal God’s saving plan, which enters in Christ.


  • The two main teachings of God’s Word are law and gospel.
    The law teaches us God’s holy will, that is, what he requires all people to do and not to do. Because all are sinful by nature and sin daily, the law also teaches us that we are all sinners who deserve God’s punishment of death and eternal damnation.
    The gospel teaches us the good news of God’s grace and mercy. It proclaims that God in love sent Jesus to take away the sins of all people and that everyone who believes in Jesus has eternal life and salvation


  • God’s Word is
    a) the means by which God brought us to faith
    b) the continuing motivation for living a life of faith-born love to God’s glory
    c) the means God has given us to bring unbelievers to saving faith
    d) the means by which we continually nurture one another to grow in saving faith and to live a sanctified life


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